Home Theater Doctor

Specializing in Custom
Home Theater Installation

It is our mission to help clients select the best system for their specific situations.  We do this as a passion and feel it is important to our clients to be completely satisfied with their systems. 

We demand of ourselves to provide the best system possible within our clients' budgets and to provide the utmost in professional installations that are not only aesthetically appealing, but provide the best audio and visual performance.

We work with your designer
We have worked with many builders cabinet makers and interior designers in the past to give you the audio/video experience that you have only dreamed about.
Upgrade Existing Equipment
The existing projector weighed over 150 pounds.  It required scaffolding and 4 men to take it down.  I was able to tuck the new projector under one arm and climb a ladder to install it.  The home owner now feels safe that his projector will not fall and kill him.